Change is Good – Change Challenges

I've resigned from Microsoft, and will be taking up an A/Professorship in Services Engineering at the University of NSW.

To quote one of my favourite blogger - James Hamilton - 'Change is good, change challenges, change forces humility, change teaches'. I am looking forward to the new challenge and learning opportunities this change brings me!

I start at UNSW next Monday - it looks like they've already put my new contact information up!

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  1. Jim Webber says:

    Congratulations Professor!

    However to paraphrase one of your favourite bloggers, "Change is good, change challenges, but tweed and leather elbow patches are never a good idea!"

  2. Hey congratulations on the new gig Professor!  Looks like your commute just got a whole lot better 😉

  3. Congratulations!

    Was great to meet you and work with you this year. Sounds like an awesome opportunity for you!

  4. William Luu says:

    Congrats Anna  🙂

    And goodluck!

  5. Mark Cohen says:

    Congrats and Good luck!

    A real change in direction 🙂

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