On Facebook Finally

I feel like a luddite to admit this - but I've only just registered on Facebook today!

Despite the various invitations from friends - Gavin's even thrown a photo of me from Spain in there - I've resisted because: I'm a working mother of 2 toddlers - I don't even have enough time to sort through my inbox or watch the daily news, I simply cannot afford to be addicted to Facebook!

Until my husband comes home one day to tell me he's now on facebook - and has had numerous pokes (mostly from his ex-girlfriends).

Mmm... registered.

I wonder if many happily married/busy/time-poor enterprise architect sorts like me would join in Facebook for similar reasons. Will college students (probably with more spare time for fun social networking than me) eventually enter the workforce - and succumb to the traditional way of email, or will the next generation of workforce bring in the new way of social interaction to the workplace to revolutionise the way we collaborate and communicate?

Anyway, at least now I'm not missing out on cool parties like this one for GeekGirls in Sydney.

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  1. SilkCharm says:

    I think the thing to remember with Facebook is that it is not a ‘depth of content’ network – like this blog. It’s a filtering and discoverability site – a quick glance and you have caught up with the activities of your friends. It should actually SAVE you time.

    One look through and it’s clear who is wasting time online, which of your friends is having big problems (and needs attention) and who is reading/passing on what information. After the initial "must-add-every-zombie-app" action, most of us move into a ‘quick check’ mode.

    Don’t forget, Facebook is not as sticky as depth of content sites. We mostly waste time by being driven OFF the site via links. Facebook members spend an average of  20mins per month on site (hitwise), that’s not a long time (Pownce is 78mins, Habbo 61mins per month). Even if Facebook brought in deep content tools such as blogs, that would not change – most people run Facebook as a gated community (personal walled garden) and not public like a blog.

    Don’t forget to add me on FB! (Silkcharm real life avatar is Laurel Papworth). Cheerio 🙂

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