My Free Intellectual Property Sold Online?

This came through to my inbox today via an alert service:

"British Library Direct: Rigorous Evaluation of COTS Middleware ...
Rigorous Evaluation of COTS Middleware Technology. Author. Gorton, I. Liu, A. Brebner, P. Journal title. COMPUTER -IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY- ..."

Wow, it'd cost about AU$30 to get this 5 year old article!

Since I don't receive any royalty from anyone, I thought I'd let you know that you can grab a free copy from IEEE directly...

I guess it pays to shop around, even online!

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  1. Bryan says:


    Don’t look now but IEEE is also selling your free intellectual property as they have locked down the article to subscribers only.  Looks like the only way anybody can ensure their free intellectual property remains freely available is to maintain it on their own site.  And there is so much free webhosting out there in cyberspace it is still feasible to do so.  Sadly, the IEEE site is NOT one of those free resources unless one is a member or subscriber in which case the fees are being collected by the dues or subscription charges.  Still, I like your attitude!

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