Some more interesting facts abuout MSCOM

thanks to Martin, I thought these were interesting facts!

"MSCOM is made up of more than 20,500 URL's and hosts 16 million pages and is available in more than 30 languages.

According to available metrics, http://* received 35.4 billion page views in FY06. On average http://* receives 229 million unique users per month. The Australian site alone generates more than 2.2 million unique users per month and more than 22 million page views per month

Nielson rates  as the 4th most visited website in the world, capturing approximately 9% of the total global internet audience.

We do know that, on average, customers complete 1.2 billion downloads from each month, there are approximately 182 million clip art and 12 million Office template downloads every month, and 350 million PC's and Servers are served with updates each month via automatic updates – although this does not represent all downloaded files from On average 96 million search queries are received worldwide to each month but this does not represent all search queries on web sites."


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  1. Got the following post from Ann Liu's blog "MSCOM is made up of more than 20,500 URL's and

  2. Немного статистики о сайтах

  3. balassy says:

    Soci múlt heti Technet előadása után kérdezte meg tőlem valaki a szünetben, hogy mennyire jó az IIS 7

  4. Ho partecipato recentemente all’evento " Web Administration Summit ", presso Microsoft Italia. Proprio

  5. jhon says:

    hey Nice article !~!  Very Informative !!

    I will subscribe to yr updates !!

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