Julian Wymer doing Year 10 Work Experience at Microsoft Australia

Julian Wymer is a year 10 student from Picton High, spending the week here with us on his year 10 industry work experience, and is blogging about his time at Microsoft … here is what he had to say about Frank!

I met with the Technical Community Manager (the boss kind of guy) almost as soon as we arrived. His names Frank and he wasn't what I was expecting, and I say that with the greatest respect. What I was expecting was a really clean cut tall guy in a suit or something, but instead there stood Frank, with long curly hair and a laid back attitude I really connect with. He was pretty cool from my point of view…”

Enjoy your time here Julian!

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  1. We have

    a work experience kid in here this week. I met him earlier in the week and

    suggested he…

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