Meeting TechEd Speakers face to face

As developers, the support we receive online is at an unprecedented high… if we’re sick of plowing through thick volumes of online API reference material, we can opt to watch/listen to our favourite expert on a webcast, podcast imparting their wisdom and or latest tips and tricks.

David Lemphers notes that the abundance of online developer support material may be a key reason for people not needing to participate in a conference like TechEd. Frank is also pondering about why developers only make up 22% of this year’s TechEd registrants.

Well – I personally think the value of meeting 110 experts face to face is something that cannot be replaced by any current online medium.

So, come along, rock up to the Dev Garten, fire up your latest project in VSTS, ask ScottGu to help you debug that nasty bug in your latest .NET app, and then walk up to Paul Andrew for some tips and tricks around Windows Workflow Foundation. While you’re there, make sure you catch Eric Lee, and give him your feedback about your experience using Team Foundation Server. Did I mention that great food and drinks will be flowing freely while you cruise between all these gurus and chatting to them face to face?

Look forward to seeing you all at TechEd mingling with the 100+ speakers.

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