Ask The Experts at TechEd Australia

I’m in charge. Michael Kleef asked me to ‘be on point’ for the ‘Ask The Experts’ session at TechEd Australia 2006.

I’m going to do a couple of things differently this year… firstly – we’re going to have a more formalised way of kicking off the ‘Ask The Expert Session’ – we’ll have three panels – centring around the topic areas of ‘Developer’, ‘IT Pro’ and ‘Security’. After spending around 45 min with the big groups doing panel Q&A, we’ll then dissipate to various round tables for the small and more intimate settings for more personalised interactions and chats with the TechEd presenters – i.e. The experts.

Thanks to the enthusiastic Chuck, our planning is already off to a great start. Chuck in his post describes our current thinking on who would be on the panel, and is also inviting for questions.

Don’t be shy – send though your questions to Chuck or me!

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