the end of the ‘Enteprise’ as we know it

Web 2.0 will change the shape of the Enterprise, and it will bring about the beginning of the billion 'one-person enterprise'. Yes, that's my controversial theory for the day.

I really think the working world is changing, not only the networked technologies we're using are advancing at a phenomenally fast pace, but the social structure surrounding it all is changing in truly amazing ways.

Here are some evidence I've observed that exemplifies this theory:

- more people are able to work as independent individuals, supported by the Web. As long as they're connected, both in terms of technology, as well as by their reputation, they will not have shortage of interesting work

- more people are leveraging the Web to form networks of collaborations, people realise that their best ideas can be improved/discussed/refined by a community of people

Are you ready for this vision of social change? are you setting yourself up to be well-connected, building up your good reputation, and tapping into the wealth of knowledge and resources presented by the community?

"It's the end of the 'Enteprise' as we know it, and I feel fine..."

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  1. damn… thats awesome anna… cool theory

    speaking of the 1 person enterprise… why is MS snoozing and not already making all of their server products (sharepoint, office, biztalk, active directory, sql server, LCS, anything) as an ASP model, web 2.0, ajax, 37signals style product offering

    is microsoft just to old and stiff to change now, are they ignorant, lazy?, or scared to compete on the same level as these agile little startups…

    please microsoft, start now, while you still can…

    <a href=""></a&gt;

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    You bet Microsoft is already doing wonderful stuff in all these areas!

    Check out

    there are some very exciting things there that you all should play with, try out, build mashups/gadgets with!

    And don’t forget the wonderfully cool Atlas (AJAX dev toolkit) at

    So, here are tools you need to build the next big thing on web 2.0, go for it!

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