Frank Arrigo’s new girl

It's official now, I'm Frank Arrigo's new girl.

It's very exciting to be part of the greater technical evangelism team, working alongside the developer/IT Pro evangelists such as Coatsy, ChuckKleefy, Jeff, Dave and Dave!

So the first thing I've noticed is that architects are a bit different to the developer evangelists... specifically, the developer evangelists talk much faster than the architects! I wonder why that is? Anyway, here is my list of top 5 reasons for such a behavioural difference:

5. developers live a hard life - late night coding sessions are generally fuelled by lots of caffeine

4. architects need to articulate complex IT concepts to the business, in order to help them understand IT capabilities, including to those that are not necessarily IT savvy

3. there are just far too many cool widgets one can build with Windows Live, WinFX, etc, to cram in all the fun development, talk is cheap!

2. architects have over time slowed down their pace, as they ponder about IT&T strategy, and shaping an organisation's IT functions takes time and lots of patience.

now drum roll...

the number 1 reason why developer evangelists are fast talkers - 

"developers have overtime learnt to talk fast in order to keep up with the speed of compile messages rolling up the screen"

What do you think? are you a fast talking developer? or are you a slow talking architect?

Now I'd really love to hear from you if you're a fast talking architect!

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  1. Great to see your with frankie now! Interesting move, and great comparison between architects and developers…

    Here is my theory…

    I think developers are often more interested in getting new apps built quickly, where as architects are all about building new apps correctly (both as a purist thing as well as within the context on the enterprise needing to save on future maintenance hassles etc)

    This is different for developers building new applications… yeah yeah everyone want to built the system the most correctly architected way possible, but sometimes you have to ship under terrible timeframes with next to no budget, and that may mean cutting corners (corners that horrify architects). Yes you will have a maintenance overhead in time to come, but if you dont know if your even be in business 12 months, that’s an acceptable trade-off on getting to market sooner..

    On the topic of talking faster…

    I think it’s not how much you are saying that counts, its how many words you are using the explain what you are saying. Its easy to seem really smart by cheating – talk fast and pack alot of words unnecessarily into the same sentence in the same timeframe. (im not suggesting anyone at MS dev evangelism team does this mind you)

    The architect will take more time and be more succinct with their words, thereby appearing slower.

    The developer will want to explain alot of stuff to you extremely quickly (before losing your attention) and thereby has to jam alot of words into any given sentence explaining the details which to him seem extremely important.

    I guess this is why alot of smart ppl are turned off becoming developers. Many developer’s you meet seems to want to talk about efficiency of encryption algorithms or some boring thing to all but the 1%, instead of evangelising on all the cool new products and services that can be created relatively easily using programming…

    Well done Anna, and keep up the blogging!

  2. Eddie de Bear says:

    I don’t know about Fast talking architects, but I do know some slow talking developers 🙂

  3. Mitch Denny says:

    Congratulations Anna! Frank’s team is very cool (I mean, the AE’s were cool too, but a DE is way further across in an Excel spreadsheet).

    Developers talk fast because they ARE compiled, not interpreted. 🙂

  4. Scott says:

    Nice work Anna!

    I think that team needs some more girls in it!

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Wow! thanks guys! I’ll definitely keep blogging, it’s fun! and yeah! I agree we need more girls in Frank’s team!

    thanks Mitch – must admit that as a woman, I prefer to be interpreted 🙂

    and hey – cool theory – the Sydney Hacker!

  6. You may have noticed my blogging frequency is down at the moment. There’s a

    good reason for that.

  7. For this Behind the Scenes, I’m talking to Anna Liu. Anna is organising the Ask The Experts dinner.

  8. I guess a compilation of the ‘Most’ list would be appropriate to celebrate my 100th Blog Post! So, here

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