Roundtable Discussions from December 2006 Sydney Architect Forum

As per my previous blog, Nigel presented ‘Software As A Service’ to the Sydney Architet Council gathering recently. Here is my ‘raw’ notes from the roundtable discussions: from the enterprise architecture perspective, the central IT can function as a ‘provider of service’, ‘hoster of service’, hence all the architectural issues applicable to a SaaS provider could…

AIIA Business Briefing: Hotspots for our industry in 2007

I attended the end of year AIIA briefing last week. While I don’t normally attend such a ICT industry business gathering, I couldn’t resist this time, as the speaker lineup was just too good to miss: Roger Allen, Executive Director, Allen & Buckeridge Pippa Leary, Product and Marketing Director, Fairfax Digital Ted Pretty, Senior Consultant,…


Sydney Architect Council – Software As A Service

Nigel is leading the presentation and conversation focusing on the topic of Software As A Service at the council gathering tomorrow. Looking forward to an exciting open discussion around this hot topic… Here is the presentation description: “TOPIC: Software as a Service – Catching the Long Tail From small start-ups to large enterprises, software as…


More Notes on Strategic Architect Forum

Looks like some of my colleagues have also been blogging about SAF. Here is a great one from Simon Guest – Nathan Shedroff on Achieving Value through Great Design.


Sea Bass, Dungeoness Crab, Giant Scallops and Fatty Salmon!

Yes, for my indulgence in some of my absolute most fav yummy pacific northwest seafood, I’m paying for it in bucketloads now… got a dose of bad seafood poisoning! Luckily, thanks to my extended Microsoft family – Arvindra and Beat – they looked after me well and made sure my rash was suppressed with antihistamine and…


Where Are the Women Architects?

Yet another architect at SAF commented on this today… “Where are the women architects? geez this is a very ‘blokey’ event!” Totally right, I’ve not yet spoken to a single female since I arrived at SAF. Do you have a theory? I’ve no idea… I must admit I’ve been having so much fun at SAF I…


Why Do I Blog?

A customer architect asked me why do I blog? I was a little caught by surprise, but a few things came to mind: 1. connection with the people I interact with, whether it’s work collagues, customers, past colleagues, friends, and acquaintances that I meet at events 2. meet new people online that have similar interests as myself (probably…


The Architectural Last Mile and Internet Singularity

Day 2 of SAF just wrapped up. I’m now back in my hotel room, thinking back on the exciting day I’ve had: Norm Judah kicked off with his presentation on “The Architectural Last Mile”, he focused on the key challenges around getting good user adoption and operational excellence, in the context of how the next generation being true…


Buy versus Build again!

Over the Strategic Architect Forum dinner tonight, this topic came up again, so I’m going to just point to my previous post on this topic, and leave it at that.

Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) kicks off with a Bang!

Ray Lane delivered his opening keynote at SAF, discussing ‘The Personal Enterprise’, and of how for the new world of services to succeed, there must be value for the individual or the group. Charles Fitzgerald is now on presenting on the Microsoft vision on ‘Software + Services’. He emphasises that the Microsoft’s strategy is about…