Increase your search rankings with better web page titles

Are you still waiting for a flood of visitors to find your site? Wondering if you need to invest in some online ads or an SEO specialist? Before you do any heavy lifting, first try the simple task of reviewing the titles of your web pages for their search relevance. A web page title does…


Lorem Ipsum Code Snippet

I just made my first contribution to the newish Gallery section of the Expression Community website where anyone can add content and templates to share. Here’s a screenshot of the current categories: One of many cool things about the gallery is that you can select a friendly URL name for your contribution and it’s instantly generated….


The vexing hunt for HEX values

I’ve watched a lot of web developers jumping between their HTML code editor and their page comp in Photoshop to look up the hexadecimal value of colors in the page comp. Should be a simple process but the steps they take are often painful to watch. So I decided to write up some Photoshop tips…


Twitter on PHP versus ASP.NET

NETTUTS is a good website for web development and design tutorials: Jeffrey Way, the person behind the NETTUTS website also maintains a NETTUTS profile on both Facebook and Twitter where his latest statuses caught my eye. Turns out he innocently posted an update to TWITTER in support of ASP.NET with a slight knock against…


Who’s editing your CSS?

The vast majority of front end web developers that I’ve met prefer to write their own markup in the code editor rather than let the program generate the markup for them. In fact, it’s a point of pride to hand code because WYSIWYG programs have gotten a reputation for bloated code, mangled tags, and undesirable…

0 reborn with version 2.0 BETA

When I first started building websites, I visited often for its tutorials and to look up stuff but the website appeared to die out several years ago.  Apparently the folks at Wired have resurrected the website this past week as Webmonkey 2.0 BETA:


Foxy searching

The first time I hit CTRL+F while using Firefox I thought I had either encountered a bug or the design of the program was flawed because nothing seemed to happen. Where was the Find dialog box that every other program on the planet (including Internet Explorer) pops up in front of you, blocking your view of…


plates overflowing with CSS

I think I’m the only person at Microsoft who brings her own plate to the cafeterias on campus here in Redmond. I’ve gotten a lot of positive encouragement from other people who notice me and my plate, but I’ve yet to see anyone else doing this in my two years here. I do this because…