Increase your search rankings with better web page titles

Are you still waiting for a flood of visitors to find your site? Wondering if you need to invest in some online ads or an SEO specialist? Before you do any heavy lifting, first try the simple task of reviewing the titles of your web pages for their search relevance. A web page title does…


“Sadistic” Web Developers Taunt Internet Explorer 6 Users

There’s a good article on today titled “Web citizens trying to kill Internet Explorer 6”, about web developers going on the offense to get users of IE 6 to upgrade their browser. I was hoping to see Expression Web MVP Morten Rand-Hendricksen’s own website Stop Living In The Past mentioned in the article, but…

Give up CSS layouts and use tables

The clock is ticking …. ( Thanks to Janko Jovanovic for making me aware of this site )


New forum at Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has launched a new forum: And they’re giving away web-related books to randomly selected registered forum members this Friday, Feb 13, 2009: If you get in early, you can get the username you want as I did…I got the username Anna 🙂


Test your websites in different versions of Internet Explorer

[Update March 18, 2009 –  see my new post about a new feature called SuperPreview for testing your website in multiple versions of IE: . Now back to the original post ….] Many web developers that I know rely on multiple physical machines or virtual environments to test their websites in different versions of Internet Explorer. Seems…