Separating the wheat from the chaff: Script & Style helps you find the best web development articles

The Community Server control panel for my blog purports to show me what site a person was on when they clicked a link and came to my blog. Looking at the panel tonight, I noticed many hits coming to my post “Test your websites in different versions of Internet Explorer” from where my post was included in the queue. So I thought I’d return the love and blog about Script and Style where web developers, web designers, markup monkeys, etc. can submit links to articles they think are interesting and are about “the latest and greatest in XHTML, CSS, and javascript.”


The submissions are all moderated behind the scenes to ensure only good stuff is posted. The latest links to articles include the following:

  • From This article shows you how to use CSS floats to achieve any column layout, while keeping your most important content highest on the page.

  • From New version of the Easy Slider plugin for jQuery is here. It features auto slide, continuous sliding, multiple sliders on one page and more…

  • From Beyond Usability: Designing Web Sites for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust - The next wave in Web site design is persuasive design, designing for persuasion, emotion, and trust. While usability is still a fundamental requirement for effective Web site design, it is no longer enough to design sites that are simply easy to navigate and understand so users can complete transactions. As business mandates for Web site design have grown more strategic, complex, and demanding of accountability, good usability has become the price of competitive entry. So, while usability is important, it is no longer the key differentiator it once was.

And of course my post on testing websites in different versions of Internet Explorer. Good stuff !

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