Increase your search rankings with better web page titles

Are you still waiting for a flood of visitors to find your site? Wondering if you need to invest in some online ads or an SEO specialist? Before you do any heavy lifting, first try the simple task of reviewing the titles of your web pages for their search relevance. A web page title does…


“Sadistic” Web Developers Taunt Internet Explorer 6 Users

There’s a good article on today titled “Web citizens trying to kill Internet Explorer 6”, about web developers going on the offense to get users of IE 6 to upgrade their browser. I was hoping to see Expression Web MVP Morten Rand-Hendricksen’s own website Stop Living In The Past mentioned in the article, but…

Song and video inspired by Microsoft Windows

I’m so in love with this song and video right now. Jib Kidder’s “Windowdipper”: I learned about the song while watching So You Think You Can Dance . Do not judge me! 🙂 Get your copy here:

Make Web Not War

Picked up a bunch of these awesome bumper stickers from a colleague today. Make Web Not War is the tagline for .    


Lorem Ipsum Code Snippet

I just made my first contribution to the newish Gallery section of the Expression Community website where anyone can add content and templates to share. Here’s a screenshot of the current categories: One of many cool things about the gallery is that you can select a friendly URL name for your contribution and it’s instantly generated….

Give up CSS layouts and use tables

The clock is ticking …. ( Thanks to Janko Jovanovic for making me aware of this site )


Save Internet Explorer 6

Just stumbled on this website which happened to launched on this special day, April 1, 2009: 🙂


Oh to be young again, and free to form a global media company…

I received an email from Twitter last week, informing me that 9miles was now following me on Twitter. Turns out is a group of 9 teenagers (ages 13 – 16) from all over the world doing some impressive creative work in web and graphic design. Gee, I was playing the flute in marching band…