Microsoft Certifications – Are they worth it?

It’s that time of year where I really need to move on my training objectives I set out at the beginning of year. In a rush of blood, I decided to update my .NET certifications to the latest and greatest. One question that comes up in discussions from time to time is whether it’s worth…



This is great news. I’ve been waiting on this one for a while. I’m currently pondering what one of my major customer’s application delivery methods might be in the future. This is another option to throw into the mix. Details can be found at AJAX : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Site and Scott Guthrie’s blog.

.NET and Auto-Restarting Services Revisited

Another follow-up post… I forgot to mention that the numeric values for SC_ACTION_RESTART and SC_ACTION_REBOOT in the SC_ACTION_TYPE enumeration seem to be swapped in the documentation: I had to use the following declaration to get things to work as expected: enum SC_ACTION_TYPE : uint{    SC_ACTION_NONE = 0x00000000, // No action.    SC_ACTION_RESTART = 0x00000001, // Restart…


Using .NET Code to Set a Windows Service to Automatically Restart on Failure

This one popped up this week as I was investigating why a particular Windows service written in .NET 1.1 was terminating. After a quick MSN search, I only came up with a few fragments of C#, but not a complete solution. In attempting my own implementation, a few things came up that may be of…