First Canberra VSTS User Group Meeting

We had a great turnout this morning. Thanks to everyone that attended. If you haven’t had enough of me, attached is my slide deck (as an mht file) on “Migrating VS2003 Users to TFS Source Control”. For those that couldn’t make it, this outlines some of the experiences I had on a recent migration project….


Renaming/Nuking TFS Fields

Last week I found myself creating a custom work item and needed to add a few new fields to TFS. That wasn’t anything special in itself, but when I decided to change the names of my new fields (I’m blonde after all), things became more interesting. It turns out that TFS can only have one…


Application Portfolios

Recently I joined a newly formed Enterprise Architecture team. I’ve never been in on the ground floor before, so it’s an interesting experience. One thing that kept coming up in our planning discussions was a need to list/record the application assets we have, who owns them, their dependencies etc. We have a lot of products at Microsoft (and…


Canberra VSTS User Group

Just in case you missed it… Check out Nils’ blog. It looks like I’m going to be one of the first bunnies to present. Hmmmm, where to start? I think Grant and I should be able to come up with something from our recent migration gig. We’re 2.5 months on from going live now, so we’ve…


So do you need a development environment for TFS?

One of the great things about TFS is that you can place the “crown jewels” of your development activities in a single safe location. The consequence for me is that I’m somewhat paranoid about using a production TFS installation for TFS R&D activities. For example, should I install a process template provided by a third party…


So how do you find time to manage TFS?

TFS is a large product. Not a day goes by for me without discovering something new. With this size and complexity comes the potential for a significant administrative burden. Create a team project here, assign some permissions there, and the poor TFS administrator will be run off their feet. Sound familiar? IMO, this type of…


The Road to TFS – Experience from the Field (Part 3)

So one week on, how did it pan out? In short, not bad… not bad at all. We had about 100 users come on board on Day 1. We saw a reasonable amount of load on the TFS servers for about 4 hours, as users populated their workspaces. After that (and subsequent days), things tapered…


The Road to TFS – Experience from the Field (Part 2)

This is a follow-up to my last post where I’ll talk about the highlights and lowlights of our TFS deployment project.  So how were the requirements met? Yes, we used VSSConverter. It turns out that that it’s quite a resilient tool. We managed to import over 162,000 files with their respective histories, even with a few server…


The Road to TFS – Experience from the Field (Part 1)

In this post, I’ll outline the TFS deployment project I’ve been working on over the last 2 months (as part of a dedicated team). Future posts will cover some of the bumps we’ve run into along the way. Here’s the story… The source for one of my customer’s major applications lives in a single SourceSafe…


Where’s Andrew?

Yes, I’m still here. It’s been a busy month for me, including a “quick” trip to the US and contributing to the finishing touches on a TFS deployment project (more on this over the next day or so). Throw in a bit of planning for a new Enterprise Architecture team and being evicted from the house I’ve been…