TechEd 2011 Australia – SharePoint 2010 Monitoring and Troubleshooting

It’s been yet another long period between posts. I spoke at the Premier Pre-Day at the TechEd 2011 Australia last week. The topic was on “SharePoint 2010 Monitoring and Troubleshooting”. For a copy of the slide deck, jump over to the ANZ SharePoint PFE Team Blog:


Remote Server Administration Tools and Windows 7 SP1

I found out the hard way today that you cannot install the current version of the “Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7” on a machine that has Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed. The current advice is to install the remote administration tools first before applying Service Pack 1. Unfortunately it’s too late for…


New Role for Andrew

They say changing jobs is better than a holiday. Several months ago, I transitioned from my role as a Consultant at Microsoft to a Premier Field Engineer (PFE). What’s the difference? Well PFEs are the guys and gals that worry about the Stablise and Deploy phases of MSF and part of the Deliver and all…


SharePoint 2007 Protocols and Ports

In researching how to deploy MOSS into a customer’s data centre, I needed to find out exactly what and how was being communicated between the various MOSS servers. Surprisingly, is a bit light on details, although there is a reasonable “security hardening” document available on TechNet. The winner for me was this post from…


Installing the TFS Process Template Editor

After an extended absence, I returned to hacking customising TFS Process Templates today. Last time I dabbled in this space, the Process Template Editor was a standalone application. It’s now part of the excellent Team Foundation Power Tool. One problem… I installed the Power Tool and couldn’t find the Editor anywhere. After a quick look…


Iisapp.vbs: IIS application query script

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but today I was shown a neat script for IIS 6 that displays the process IDs and related application pools for all IIS worker processes. The script is “iisapp.vbs”. It’s just the trick when trying to discover which rogue web application is actually chewing up my resources (in…


Microsoft Certifications – Are they worth it?

It’s that time of year where I really need to move on my training objectives I set out at the beginning of year. In a rush of blood, I decided to update my .NET certifications to the latest and greatest. One question that comes up in discussions from time to time is whether it’s worth…


You need to do a root cause analysis

A couple of days before Christmas, I found myself in the emergency department of my local hospital with an Atrial Fibrillation. Think of it as feeling like you’re running a marathon while you’re lying still. To correct the problem, my doctor decided to knock me out and zap me to “reboot” my system. This parallel…



This is great news. I’ve been waiting on this one for a while. I’m currently pondering what one of my major customer’s application delivery methods might be in the future. This is another option to throw into the mix. Details can be found at AJAX : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Site and Scott Guthrie’s blog.