Can you crack this?

One of the carziest puzzels I ever came accross...

We(me, Amit Chat and Satej) are taking part in the onlie treasure hunt organized by ISB folks. The first day was a breeze the moment we saw the clue we had the answer. Here is the clue:

I am the royal DNA born out of sand
Most powerfull- who has conqured the Earth land
My kin can out-think the russian master
I have proven to the Japanese that I am faster....
Who am I?


Second day we went on a wrong track but still the answer was logical

On Tuesday,
I had downloaded the book that Alex Raymond wrote in 1934,
but it got corrupted …
I went on a drive over the red hills with my spouse…
and made history!!
Listen to the song to know my soul...

<Song: Here I am from Sprit of Cimmeron by Brayan Adams>

while I rock and roll the unexplored...
What is my name?

Third day was bad we just got it with our team + akash and khushboo searching for anything related to physics and chemistry on MSN\google\wiki.

We looked at all the constants (the value of Gravitational constant is 6.67*POW(10,-11)),  all the heavely bodies affecting earth.

We racked our brain with periodic table for atomic number 66 (Dysprosium) but no luck.

 And most baffling was the relation of this photograph with the answer. We even searched for all the Nobel prize winners in field of physics and chemistry to figure this out.

My coming into your world is an ancient mystery.
A tenant in London discovered me and made history.
To formulate and translate someone borrowed my number.
But all I did was go around and then go into deep slumber.
I missed the devil by one over the boundary.
Called earth and left everyone in quandary.

So… who am I?

Do you have an answer?

Tell me if you can crack this relationship. And now i have to solve todays clue. will keep you posted.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what the picture has to do with it. But the first part looks like it is talking about Blue Gene, the IBM super computer. Royal DNA (Gene) born out of sand (which is how you make silicon). It is the most powerful in the world now. Its kin can beat the russian master (which would be Deep Blue) and they proved to the japanese that they are faster (they beat Japans Earth simulator to take the top spot).

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    You got it man that’s the first answer. But there are two more to crack.

    I was waiting for people to come up with answers but I’ll post all the answers tommorow.

    Any way I have got now two more clues and thats the end of round 1.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ankur, we got the answer to the last one: it must be Iridium(#77) (found by Smithson Tennant) and also the name of the satellite phone company that sank.

    Any help on the second question would be greatly appreciated. We’re running through possibilities like the iPod Nano, Flash drives, Microsoft in Redmond, etc. Help!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ankur,

    Just confirm if the second puzzles answer is Spirit (One of the rovers sent to Mars mission).

    BTW we are very intrigued with the puzzles, so please keep us posted with the answers and more clues. We are all eagerly waiting.

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    yes you both are correct second is Spirit(Mars exploration rover) and third is iridium. A full explaination is in the solutions blog. And sorry for being out for so long.


  6. Anonymous says:

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