How do I join BizSpark?

We officially launched BizSpark last week. Since then, we’ve seen a surge of startups and network partners requesting access to the program. There are two types of entities that can join the program: Startups – In BizSpark speak, a startup is a company that is less than 3 years old, has less than USD 1…


Ballmer at VC Summit

Dan”l Lewin kicked off Microsoft’s Annual Venture Capital Summit at our campus in Mountain View, CA today. Dan’l spoke about the Strategic and Emerging Business Team (SEBT), our Innovation Centers worldwide and our work with Students with programs like Imagine Cup and DreamSpark. The Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program is one that the SEBT launched in…


Do you like apples?

Will: Do you like apples? Clark: Yeah. How do you like them apples? “ai”

The Commercials – let’s call a spade a spade

I’m just as perplexed as anyone else about the commercials. I’ve been following our advertising story closely for the last couple of months right up to our launch on 9/4. But this cartoon nails the way I (and most of my friends seem to) feel:   [courtesy: Penny Arcade!] I don’t get it Things have…


TechCrunch50 – crème de la crème

This week, TechCrunch reinforced itself as the most powerful tech blog on the planet. TechCrunch50 was everything it was made out to be. Startups, press, speakers – these guys were the crème de la crème of their respective contingents. The TechCrunch50 crew received over 1000 applications from startups wanting to demo their product at the…


Ashton Kutcher doesn’t think the Surface is just blah blah (blah)

Ashton Kutcher launched his new startup, Blah Girls, at TechCrunch50 in San Francisco this week. Ashton walked by the Microsoft lounge several times, in and out of interviews as you can imagine. From Ashton’s most recent blog post, I think he liked the Microsoft Surface we have on display here: “The coolest thing I’ve seen…


Qik announces support for more Windows Mobile devices

The mobile-based video streaming company, Qik, has announced support for even more Windows Mobile devices. Over the last few days, Bhaskar and Jackie announced support for the following devices: AT&T Tilt HTC Touch Dual HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Pro HTC TyTN II Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 HTC Mogul HTC Vogue Samsung Omnia Qik’s decision…


Windows Server support for Amazon EC2 – coming soon

At Amazon Web Services’s Startup-Tour here in San Francisco, Jeff Barr just announced the AWS roadmap and it included “support for Windows Server”. Jeff says that Amazon has received “several requests” for Windows Server support for EC2 and while he couldn’t commit to a date, he said it’s definitely on the roadmap. GoGrid and Mosso…


Live twittering from TechStars Investor and Demo Day

I’m in Boulder today at TechStars’ annual Investor and Demo Day. The energy level is high, the startup teams are knocking their demos out of the park, and the who’s who from VC-land is here. And I’m sitting next to one of the most prolific bloggers, Don Dodge, which leads me to want to do…


PHP on Windows Server 2008

I stumbled upon this article that I thought developers running PHP based web sites may be interested in. The authors write: A significant percentage of web sites utilize PHP as a platform for dynamic content. During the development of Windows 2008, Microsoft included improvements that enable PHP to run more efficiently than previous Windows releases….