Do you heart 7 yet?

Please visit the permanent link to "Do you heart 7 yet" over on my blog for the full article. On January 12th 2009, I announced that I will be moving my blog off of off to my own domain. "ai"


Windows 7 Beta now available to BizSpark startups

The technoverse is buzzing with the announcement our CEO Steve Ballmer made yesterday at CES – the availability of Windows 7 Beta to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. BizSpark startups essentially get access to MSDN subscriptions, and therefore can start experimenting with Windows 7 today. Here’s what the MSDN site will look like for BizSpark startup…

Do you like apples?

Will: Do you like apples? Clark: Yeah. How do you like them apples? “ai”

The Commercials – let’s call a spade a spade

I’m just as perplexed as anyone else about the commercials. I’ve been following our advertising story closely for the last couple of months right up to our launch on 9/4. But this cartoon nails the way I (and most of my friends seem to) feel:   [courtesy: Penny Arcade!] I don’t get it Things have…