Visual Studio 2005 Hardware and OS requirements

G’day mates*, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about requirements for running different editions of Visual Studio 2005. Check this site out for details : There’s another site that lists details about requirements for Team System : Ta!Song running through my head : “Float on” by “Modest Mouse” “AI”* – Been hanging out…


Tried Visual Studio 2005 yet?

I know a lot of you have got your hands on VS2K5 Express or Standard. If you want to evaluate the Professional or the famed Team Suite edition, you can order trial versions at Enjoy! Song in AI’s head : “Look what you’ve done” by “Jet” (exhausted) “AI”


NUnit to VS2K5 Team Test Converter Available

A lot of folks have been wondering about how they can go about converting NUnit tests to VS2K5 Team Test. An alpha version of a ‘converter tool’ is now available. It supports both C# and VB.NET based tests. Give it a whirl, and I’d love to hear your feedback.


Whidbey and Yukon – 154 days (approximately) to go…

Let the countdown begin… 154 days or 13,305,600 seconds or 221,760 minutes or 3,696 hours or 22 weeks left :

Free Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta2 Training Event!

Visual Studio 2005 Team System Technical Training When June 2nd 2005, 8:00AM – 4:00PM Where The Summit Center on 4th Street, Fairmont Hotel, 88 South 4th Street, San Jose, CA 95112 Registration Registration is free. However, seating is limited so please use the following link to secure your spot today and enter course code:…


VS2005 Beta2 – get the BETAs, get the BETAs…

Who likes Monday mornings? Thats right – NO ONE DOES… But, the VS2K5 team has decided to change that… The dark cloud thats been looming over our heads has passed (yes, even in Redmond 😉 Birds are chirping, children are playing again, the grass is growing, and all that other good stuff… Beta2’s out, baby! …



Here’s an interesting article on MSBuild and its incorporation with Visual C++ 2005. I especially appreciate these comments of the author’s : This is the section of an article that a C++ author hates to write. Visual C++ support for MSBuild is coming, but not as soon as we’d like. For the Visual C++…


Whidbey and Yukon Ship Date Clarification

Not that this article really clarifies anything about anything, other than things that were extremely vague to people who don’t understand English very well, but anywho, thought this might make interesting reading for some of us…,1759,1780118,00.asp

VS 2005 Beta 2 release delayed