BizSpark in LA and SF

Since the launch of BizSpark in November, we’ve hit the road and spent time in several cities in the US. We participated at the New York New Tech Meetup in New York City on 11/11/2008, where I got to present to pitch ‘BizSpark’ to 300 entrepreneurs, alongside Steve Barsh of DreamIT Ventures (a BizSpark Network…


How do I join BizSpark?

We officially launched BizSpark last week. Since then, we’ve seen a surge of startups and network partners requesting access to the program. There are two types of entities that can join the program: Startups – In BizSpark speak, a startup is a company that is less than 3 years old, has less than USD 1…


Interested in the startup world? Come learn about BizSpark at Ignition

With the launch of BizSpark yesterday, we will be visiting a few cities in the US and partnering with Stephanie Agresta and Brian Solis of The TechSet, as well as local entrepreneurial organizations to talk about BizSpark. We encourage entrepreneurs, current startups, investors, business accelerators or incubators and students to come to our events. 11/11/2008…


Announcing BizSpark for early stage startups

Over the years, we have built a good sturdy platform with .NET. .NET is a  scalable, secure, and reliable  platform that supports good application performance. With the advent of "Web 2.0" and the surge of new and emerging companies betting their business on the web, we want early stage companies to be able to use…


Completing the Technology Ecosystem – PACT

Plug and Play is one of the valley’s most popular startup incubators. They house several hundred startups in their facilities. Plug and Play has been doing a great job of complementing their business acceleration efforts with offline events. Their next big event, called the “Plug & Play Acceleration Collaboration Track (PACT)” will be held on…


Yammer should enjoy it’s 5 minutes of internet fame

I’ve been perplexed for a few days about TechCrunch50’s winning pick, Yammer. I finally started to use it, and I’m not all that impressed. Clearly, winning at TC50 has done wonders for Yammer, but I don’t think this spike will last long. Yammer is NOT an “enterprise product”. Can we please stop calling it that?…


TechCrunch50 – crème de la crème

This week, TechCrunch reinforced itself as the most powerful tech blog on the planet. TechCrunch50 was everything it was made out to be. Startups, press, speakers – these guys were the crème de la crème of their respective contingents. The TechCrunch50 crew received over 1000 applications from startups wanting to demo their product at the…


Live twittering from TechStars Investor and Demo Day

I’m in Boulder today at TechStars’ annual Investor and Demo Day. The energy level is high, the startup teams are knocking their demos out of the park, and the who’s who from VC-land is here. And I’m sitting next to one of the most prolific bloggers, Don Dodge, which leads me to want to do…


PHP on Windows Server 2008

I stumbled upon this article that I thought developers running PHP based web sites may be interested in. The authors write: A significant percentage of web sites utilize PHP as a platform for dynamic content. During the development of Windows 2008, Microsoft included improvements that enable PHP to run more efficiently than previous Windows releases….


The Startup Meme – Phase 1, the Prototype

I’ve worked with several funded and non-funded startups during my time here at Microsoft. Having seen what works and doesn’t, I thought I’d throw together a series of posts on how to startup a software company. First and foremost, you need to have an idea. Once you have an idea that you want to execute…