Microsoft Software and Open Source – not mutually exclusive

Please visit the permanent link to "Microsoft Software and Open Source – not mutually exclusive" over on my blog for the full article. On January 12th 2009, I announced that I will be moving my blog off of off to my own domain. "ai"

Announcing support for the Apache Software Foundation

Today at OSCON, Sam Ramji announced that Microsoft will become an official sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The ASF provides support for the Apache community of open source projects. There are over 60 top-level projects at the ASF that are characterized by an open and pragmatic software license. We have a firm commitment…


Jeff Atwood : Donating $5K to a .NET Open Source Project

Last year, Jeff Atwood and I had spoken about ways in which we can encourage development of Open Source projects in the Microsoft Ecosystem. At that point, Jeff decided to throw ads on his blog and to graciously donate a portion of his ad revenue to an open source .NET project. Today, Jeff picked a…


i’m all smiles today : sharing the source code for .NET 3.5 libraries

Viva transparency, openness! Today we are announcing that release of source code for the .NET 3.5 Framework Libraries. As some of you may know, I’m an avid open and shared source fan (“Open Source at Microsoft”, “Open Source Projects in the MS Ecosystem”), and this is a big step in the right direction for Microsoft….


Open Source at Microsoft

At OSCON this week, we will be unveiling the covers on a new website – Open Source at Microsoft. The website’s focus is to highlight our commitment to OSS and partnership with the OSS community. After the (what was supposed to be mini) project Jeff Atwood and I launched on spurring further open source development…


IronRuby news : first drop of the source code

You may have heard of IronRuby – a shared source implementation of Ruby that runs on top of the .NET. IronRuby is implemented on top of what we’re calling the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), which runs on top of the .NET and provides support for dynamic languages. We first spoke about IronRuby and the DLR…

Open Source Projects in the MS Ecosystem

Jeff Atwood has a post on an idea he had about contributing to the OSS ecosystem (he started the thread with “How To Advertise on Your Blog Without (Completely) Selling Out”). I have a post in the works on my thoughts on the idea (bottom-line : I *LOVE* the idea). But, head over there and let…


mix07 – the panels

I attended two panels over the last couple of days. Open Source, the Web, Interoperability and Microsoft : The folks on the panel included Rob Conery, Miguel de Icaza, Andi Gutmans, Sam Ramji, and Mike Schroepfer. This was an exciting session. It was just reassuring to see folks like Sam Ramji (Microsoft) involving people from…