myspace Music v imeem

  myspace launched it’s online music service, myspace music last week. I’m a little torn about how I feel about the service and whether what they have to offer will lure me over. My initial take on it is that it’s a lot like a very popular service I have used for as long as…


blogger’s block

I’m suffering from a serious case of blogger’s block. If you’re wondering, yes, it is like writer’s block in a lot of ways. I’ve also been extremely busy and suffering with some (professional) issues. But aside from that, everything’s been peachy. In a few lines here are some things I’ve wanted to communicate : MIX08…


have a song stuck in your head? too bad…

I have a problem. Songs magically make their way in to my head, and often stay there. Sometimes, I can’t get them out. Sometimes, the only way to get one song out, is to get another one in. There was this incident, and then this incident. It seems to keep happening. I was super excited…


the past and pending

You couldn’t be listening to a better song on a wet Friday afternoon… now playing : “the past and pending”, “the shins” “ai”


hear me out

now playing : “hear me out”, frou frou “ai”


now playing…

You have to hear this. Now playing : “Homme” by “Brazilian Girls” (thanks Daniel for the pownce 😉 “ai” Technorati Tags: brazilian girls, homme, pownce, imeem


my musical dilemma – thank you Google and Yahoo! answers

Oh no, it’s happening again. I heard this song in the gym a few weeks back. Then I heard in my car. No idea what it is, but its growing on me fast, and there’s no way I can even sing it back or hum the tune (and, no, I’m not talking about Tom’s Diner…


did he just do that?

I’m an admitted JT fan. The guy’s been doing duets with pretty much anyone lately, but you have to admit that the songs are still rather catchy. But, have a go at this video (ayo technology, 50 cent feat JT), fast-forward to 02:13 (till about 02:16), and look for JT in the background.    Did…


(my) why you want to be "Breathing Under Water"

I logged on to my Myspace page after a few eons, and noticed a message from someone I’d befriended a while back : I just bought the new album, Breathing Under Water, on iTunes and got done listening to it. Holy wow! I first got a taste of the album when I heard Kale and Shankar…


dadadadadadadadadadada? shaking your umbrella? pour the milk?

You have to admit that that song has to be the one song that will NOT stop playing in your head. That song is going to continue to play in your head for the rest of your life. Now, imagine, for a second, that you have just gotten in to your friend’s car, and that…