my old lady

It won’t surprise you when I tell you that I’m going to hell (when I die), if such a “place” exists. I’ve been really good of late, but even the smallest bads can outweigh the best of goods, I suppose. Yesterday, was one such day, when I was bad. At our MSDN events, we typically…


my last kiss

  aiNote to self : cut back on red bull before interviews. Technorati tags: channel9, roryblyth, anandiyer, msdnevents, msam, dpe, evangelism, technology evangelism


Free, as in free events, baby!

We’re hitting the road again talking to developers about developer stuff. Based on your feedback, the topics that we’ve put together for this quarter are : Exploring the System.Net Namespace in the .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Communication Foundation Exposed Building the Next Generation of Web Applications with ASP.NET “Atlas” Here’re some of the cities I’ll…


seen AJAX in action?

I was demo-ing a few things to some attendees at JavaOne today, when we went on tangent and started talking about our AJAX framework, atlas. It was then that I realized I was on a demo machine that didn’t have VWDE or atlas installed. One of an evangelist’s several bad nightmares – not being able…


the evangelist speaketh the word

Get ready for next week… I’ll be doing events here in the ‘yay’ Area. Check it out, yo : 5/16 Emeryville, CA5/18 San Jose, CA “ai” tags: msdnevents, msdn, .net, microsoft, development, programming, aspnet


Generics in VB.NET

Dan Mabbutt, who I met recently at one of my events, has written an absolutely fantastic article about using Generics in VB.NET. This one’s an awesome read. Enjoy! ai


Free MSDN events in your area!

Hello all, We (the MSDN events team), are hitting the road again for the next few weeks talking about fun development stuff. The sessions at our events include : 1. Make it Simple – Language Enhancements in the .NET Framework 2.02. Make it Powerful – Exploring the Enterprise Library for the .NET Framework 2.03. Make…


Would you like a copy of the Vista Beta?

Do you want a copy of the Vista Beta (Beta 1)? Wanna take a crack at winning some cool prizes? Yeah? If you live in Northern California, come and attend one of my shows in the SF Bay area, and I’ll be distributing the betas there. Click on one of the links below to register…


whoopsie – did I say that?

I was technoratiing myself today when I noticed that PokerGrub was nice enough to say some nice things about the launch event I did in Vegas a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I may have miscommunicated my position at Microsoft when I explaining a glitch with the IE 7 Beta 1 on the MSDN events resource…


Redistributing Cassini with your app

At my MSDN event in San Francisco a couple of days ago, I mentioned that Cassini (the mini web server that can is used with ASP.NET 2.0) is not redistributable. I came back and did some research and saw that Cassini is in fact redistributable and portable with an application as long as you meet…