What happens in Vegas, comes to the Valley – ReMIX07

Whoever said that what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? Due to the SOLD OUT status of MIX07, we have decided to ‘ReMIX’ with a twist right here in the Silicon Valley! This event will feature a keynote from Scott Guthrie who runs Microsoft’s Silverlight and ASP.Net development teams (among others).  Get a…


mix 07 day 3 – it’s a wrap

I suppose I’m not done with my MIX ’07 reports yet. Day 3 was interesting… Reverse chronologically : I was waiting outside the Venetian to catch a cab to LAS when I saw 54375 people waiting in line to catch a cab to LAS. Needless to say, after a big conference, its going to be…


MIX 07 sound "bytes"

I got the chance to interview a few people at MIX 07. Check it : Jeff Atwood and Anand Iyer on MIX, Silverlight, Blogging and Trends Anand Iyer catches up with Jeff Atwood of CodingHorror fame to talk about their experiences of MIX 07, Silverlight, Jeff’s work, blogging and current trends in academia with regards…


mix07 – the panels

I attended two panels over the last couple of days. Open Source, the Web, Interoperability and Microsoft : The folks on the panel included Rob Conery, Miguel de Icaza, Andi Gutmans, Sam Ramji, and Mike Schroepfer. This was an exciting session. It was just reassuring to see folks like Sam Ramji (Microsoft) involving people from…


mix07 day 2

First off, I must give kudos to the folks maintaining http://visitmix.com. They’ve been keeping that site as up-to-date as humanly possible. I’d be walking out of sessions and would check the site to see video interviews with the presenters posted. So if you haven’t been able to watch a session live, go here. Having been “silverlight’d…

The big news from MIX 07 (thus far)…

Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie just announced Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, which adds .NET managed code programmability support. Read more in the FAQ. Scott also announced Silverlight streaming by Windows Live. Expression Studio is shipping! “ai” Technorati tags: ray ozzie, scott guthrie, mix, mix07, silverlight, silverlight 1.1 alpha, expression, expression studio, windows live, silverlight streaming


We’re ready to blow your socks off – MIX 07

So here I am at MIX 07, standing next to SanjayP (although he doesn’t quite know who I am, and doesn’t know that I’m standing next to him so that I can get in some pictures). In my opinion, this is the most important conference we will have held since my time here at Microsoft….