iPhoneDevCamp : chatting with Kris Tate from Zooomr

I just spent some time chatting with Kris Tate (finally) about Zooomr and some issues he has been seeing with IE. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and chat with him before, but I’m thoroughly impressed with his passion for Zooomr. Kris showed me some amazing features in Mark III. Its amazing how…


live from iPhoneDevCamp, SF

Hola, I’m here at Adobe SF attending iPhoneDevCamp. Not much has happened just yet. Here’s my flickr stream from the event. More to come later. Stay tuned. “ai” Technorati tags: iphonedevcamp, barcamp, iphone


apple – cheap shots galore

Everyone’s seen the Mac guy vs the PC guy commercials, right? I’ve said it myself several times that I think the commercials are hilarious (swing away, mac-heads, swing away…) But I think I’m getting a little sick of them now. The exaggeration in the commercials was tickling at first, and as a ‘softie, I couldn’t help but smile…