Live from StartupWeekend – HelpHookup has launched (12.04am, 11/19)

HelpHookup has gone live. That’s right – 130 odd people launched an application in 54 hours. So this puts them in (some form of a) beta. Follow their progress on their blog. “ai” PS: Their intro video is appalling though. Ugh.PPS: Happy Birthday, sis!! Technorati Tags: startupweekend, startupweekendsf, helphookup


facebook mobile apps?

I just time-traveled and went back, like, 10 years. I’ve been spending a good majority of time on Facebook. Even when I’m on the go – Facebook mobile is just so amazingly perfect. Since the platform launch, I’ve added what seems like 80 bazillion applications to my profile. I only use 2 of them on a…


meebo plugin for facebook – someone’s reading my mind

This is so eerie – just yesterday I was telling a friend about how Meebo was missing from F8. Funny enough, today, I read about a Meebo Plugin for Facebook (via Mashable). Man my facebook profile is cluttered. So here are the applications I’ve added since F8 to my profile : Meebo Trips Upscoop/Social Neworks Maps…


facebook platform : the "WebOS" is here

Alright, so here’s the skinny : What is F8? F8 was the name of the event. Duh. What did Facebook announce today?Facebook launched the Facebook Platform. What does that mean?Ok, remember when the first PC was launched? What did we do? As developers, one of the first things we did was build apps to run…


Live from F8 – Facebook Platform Launch

“Today, together, we’re going to start a movement.”, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook. He’s 23. Yuck. Wow. I’m intrigued. I feel like I’m in a cult. More to come from F8 later (because I really don’t know what f8 is about). And we haven’t gotten to what it is yet. 😐 “ai” Technorati tags: facebook, f8,…


Facebook Marketplace now live

Facebook Marketplace has gone live. Facebook is bringing Craigslist like features to its socialites. Is it just me or does this still look very Web 1.0-ish to you? Facebook could’ve done so much more, maybe categorize its listings a little better? Maybe give the über marketplacers or some “elite” Facebookers the ability to create new categories?…