PHP on Windows Server 2008

I stumbled upon this article that I thought developers running PHP based web sites may be interested in. The authors write: A significant percentage of web sites utilize PHP as a platform for dynamic content. During the development of Windows 2008, Microsoft included improvements that enable PHP to run more efficiently than previous Windows releases….


SilverlightDevCamp – your thoughts?

Today at iPhoneDevCamp, I chatted with Chris Messina to get his thoughts on possibly doing a SilverlightDevCamp. Chris is hoping the *DevCamp series will take off : “I like the idea of a productive and educational DevCamp model and would like to see this meme spread further.” And, perhaps SilverlightDevCamp could help with that. Chris’s thoughts…


What happens in Vegas, comes to the Valley – ReMIX07

Whoever said that what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? Due to the SOLD OUT status of MIX07, we have decided to ‘ReMIX’ with a twist right here in the Silicon Valley! This event will feature a keynote from Scott Guthrie who runs Microsoft’s Silverlight and ASP.Net development teams (among others).  Get a…


my LINQ slides

Sorry for the delay in getting these out… Here are the slides I’ve been using for my LINQ talks. If you want a recap of what I’d covered, you can watch a recording of the webcast I’d done. Special thanks to Scott Guthrie and Kashif Alam – I’d borrowed content from their slides and demos. “ai”…


my LINQ-a-thon

I’m going LINQ crazy. I’m going to be evangelizing the heck out of LINQ in the coming month. Here’s what’s happening, and where – 11/1/2006 – LINQ 101 talk  @ SDForum’s Windows SIG, Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1, Palo Alto, CA 11/2/2006 – LINQ 101 MSDN webcast (click to register) 11/9/2006 – LINQ 101…


seen AJAX in action?

I was demo-ing a few things to some attendees at JavaOne today, when we went on tangent and started talking about our AJAX framework, atlas. It was then that I realized I was on a demo machine that didn’t have VWDE or atlas installed. One of an evangelist’s several bad nightmares – not being able…


whatcha gonna do with all that ASP.NET code, all that ASP.NET code?

Ok, that title isn’t as appropriate if you don’t have the song “my humps” by the “black eyed peas” playing in your head… In any case, the code from my webcast demos on 3/14 and 3/15 is up. Code for Creating Personalizable Webpages with Web Parts and ASP.NET 2.0, 3/14 Code for Using GridView and…


More on them ASP.NET 2.0 webcasts

I blogged earlier about the ASP.NET webcasts we’re doing this month… The one’s that I’ll be specifically involved in, are : Building a Site Using the ASP.NET 2.0 PayPal Commerce Starter Kit Creating a Customized Application Using Web Parts with Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 Using GridView and DetailsView Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 Click…


Everything you wanted to know about ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET 2.0 just plain rocks. You know it. If you wanna learn more, come attend these webcasts starting March ’06. I’ll be doing a few of these webcasts with a bunch of colleagues. You may know how much I like using Firefox. In my webcasts and demos, I’ll be sure to demo browser-neutrality by using Firefox. And I’ll…


eBig ASP.NET 2.0 Beta2 event

Heylo people, I’ll be doing an ASP.NET 2.0 Beta2 talk at an event being hosted by ebig. The thing will be in Pleasanton, CA on 8/25/2005. If you’re not doing anything (or even if you are, drop whatever you are planning on doing and), come on over and have some fun… Unless you’re planning on watching…