PHP on Windows Server 2008

I stumbled upon this article that I thought developers running PHP based web sites may be interested in. The authors write: A significant percentage of web sites utilize PHP as a platform for dynamic content. During the development of Windows 2008, Microsoft included improvements that enable PHP to run more efficiently than previous Windows releases….


Announcing support for the Apache Software Foundation

Today at OSCON, Sam Ramji announced that Microsoft will become an official sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The ASF provides support for the Apache community of open source projects. There are over 60 top-level projects at the ASF that are characterized by an open and pragmatic software license. We have a firm commitment…


And Yelp listens…

On Twitter: On GetSatisfaction: And, the results: Thank you, Yelp! “ai”


The Startup Meme – Phase 1, the Prototype

I’ve worked with several funded and non-funded startups during my time here at Microsoft. Having seen what works and doesn’t, I thought I’d throw together a series of posts on how to startup a software company. First and foremost, you need to have an idea. Once you have an idea that you want to execute…


Yelp meet Rapleaf

The article by Ellen Lee over at the SF Chronicle about merchants getting all pissy at Yelp seems to have made it on to TechMeme. Yelp has become the destination for a business’s reputation. I don’t advocate that anyone try anything in SF unless they have Yelped it first and they are comfortable with the…