have a song stuck in your head? too bad…

I have a problem. Songs magically make their way in to my head, and often stay there. Sometimes, I can't get them out. Sometimes, the only way to get one song out, is to get another one in. There was this incident, and then this incident. It seems to keep happening.

I was super excited when I read this headline on KillerStartups.com : "SongTapper.com : Name That Tune Stuck in Your Head". Of course, this would've been a killer idea if the site actually worked. The user interface on the site sucks. I tried 'tapping' for several songs, including the one I thought the site should've picked up because it's kinda unique (Gold Digger, Kanye West), but nothing. I think the site's a giant time-sync with poor navigation and UI.

Can songtapper recognize any of the songs you have stuck in your head?


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  1. Rob La Gesse says:

    Try Row, Row, Row Your Boat – it seems it only works if someone else has already "corrected" the software (and the comments about the song names are interesting!

    But no – it didn’t get a single thing right for me (except Row Your Boat)


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