my upcoming events – see you there?

Events I think I'll make it to :

Events I wish I could've made it to:

Not to mention that I have to somehow squeeze two weddings in to this schedule.

I wonder if there's a tool that automatically updates my Dopplr when I subscribe to an event in Upcoming or Facebook. Anyone know of one?


Comments (3)

  1. Jon Sagara says:

    Assuming I can still make the event, I’ll be at the 6/3 launch in Sacramento.

  2. AJ Arora says:

    I’ll be in Vegas 3/6…let’s grab a beer! Sadly can’t afford tix to mix though 🙁 never any student subsidies to the good events.

    Guess I’ll watch cirque de soleil & lose my money on craps (thanks to you and greg for hookin me on dice by the way)

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