classic (iPhone) i-block

At a friend's "wine and cheese party" Saturday, I met this guy who was telling me how he was "i-blocked". So apparently this guy was sitting at a bar and had just met a girl. Things were looking up, he said. He'd just bought her a drink, she inched closer to him. And then bam - some guy comes out of nowhere, playing with his iPhone, and apparently this girl he was talking to lost all interest in him and started ogling at the iPhone instead. Classic i-block*.

I had something sorta similar happen to me. After my near 4 month hiatus from a 'smartphone' and dealing with my Nokia, which complained that it was out of memory because I'd received too many text messages, I hit up my buddy JD to get a make-shift phone (till one of you buys me a BlackJack 2). So JD gets me this Palm Treo. Anyhow, I was standing in the corner of this room at my friend's party using the interactive feature in Live Maps with my forefinger when this girl comes up to me (honest, I am NOT making this up)

Girl : Is that the iPhone?

Me : No, its a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile 6 and Live Maps.

Girl : (blank stare) Oh, so its like a Blackberry? Why don't you have an iPhone?

Me : Well, because

Girl (interrupting) : Sorry, gotta go. Don't care.

The iPhone is not just another device that consolidates an iPod, a phone and internet capabilities. It's now a fashion statement. It's an accessory. It's a conversation piece. It can be your sex appeal. I am not being facetious when I say this, but I've learned that you can start having conversations with people you haven't been able to in the past with the iPhone. Random people will actually come up to you and start talking to you if you have the iPhone. If a date's not going well, just pull out your iPhone and start browsing pictures or zooming in and out of Google maps.

I'm at a Panera Bread here in South Beach. Maybe I'm just noticing this a lot more but look at what I saw as I walked in to the store today :

iphones at panera


Like it wasn't bad enough that there is always someone better looking or someone richer to steal that girl from you at the bar, or an annoying wing-friend that this girl has, now we have the iPhone.


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  1. Thomas says:

    Interesting that the iPhone has gained this kind of status. This is exactly the type of reason I won’t buy one – I don’t need a device to define me, I can do that all by myself.

    Plus it still doesn’t have all the corporate functionality that I want out of a device yet. I will admit though, that it is a sleek, cool device.

  2. Be careful what you wish for though.  For every nice looking lady that will approach you for your iPhone there’s about 20 people you DON’T want to talk to who will become social all of a sudden.


  3. Kevin Daly says:

    You should have stopped at "No".

    By telling her what it actually was (and even worse, what the operating system is) you revealed yourself as Someone Who Probably Knows About Technology And Um, Stuff…which was fatal.

    If the situation arises again, reply with "@$!ed if I know!", giggle inanely and flex any available muscles and she’ll be convinced you’re the most fascinating man in the room.

  4. kinjal says:

    awe…it’s sad that people (fine!!!! some women) are so stupidd……good fer u that she left anyway 🙂

    but seriously, I also love the iPhone, having said that and being a huge AAPL fan… I still own some  old rock looking Nokia phone, but hey, I can do what all phones are made for….. make calls and receive calls, send txts and receive txts ^_^


  5. Manoj says:

    This is a good one, Anand…

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