Interview with Andrew Hyde, founder of StartupWeekend “ai”PS: Thanks to Tim Heuer, for helping publish it. Technorati Tags: startupweekend, startupweekendsf, andrew hyde, channel9, anandiyer, artificialignorance, silicon valley


thank you

I was supposed to be on a trip headed back home last week, but it got canceled (for a variety of different reasons). So, I was going to spend Thanksgiving here, by myself mostly. It’s amazing though how some times the best made plans, never materialize, and plans you’d never had end up being the…


Live from StartupWeekend – HelpHookup has launched (12.04am, 11/19)

HelpHookup has gone live. That’s right – 130 odd people launched an application in 54 hours. So this puts them in (some form of a) beta. Follow their progress on their blog. “ai” PS: Their intro video is appalling though. Ugh.PPS: Happy Birthday, sis!! Technorati Tags: startupweekend, startupweekendsf, helphookup


StartupWeekend Day 3 –

Welcome to socially conscious San Francisco – the 132 or so odd founders who congregated here this weekend have come up with Here is their press release. TechCrunch has just reported on them. Follow them on Twitter. “ai” Technorati Tags: startupweekendsf, startupweekend, helphookup, microsoft san francisco


StartupWeekend SF Day 2- all these cliques

The idea’s been chosen. The teams have been formed. Here are all the cliques : There’s the marketing clique : Then there’re developers developers developers :    Then there’s BizDev clique : And then there’s the Creative clique : The Usability clique : And last, but definitely not least, the Legal, umm, clique. Actually, she’s…


my musical dilemma – thank you Google and Yahoo! answers

Oh no, it’s happening again. I heard this song in the gym a few weeks back. Then I heard in my car. No idea what it is, but its growing on me fast, and there’s no way I can even sing it back or hum the tune (and, no, I’m not talking about Tom’s Diner…


Live from StartupWeekend SF

Nothing to report just yet, except for frantic chaos. I was supposed to order food (supposedly)   Update : Here’s my stream of pictures from the event. “ai” 😐 Technorati Tags: startupweekendsf, startupweekend, microsoft san francisco


we’re hiring “ai” Technorati Tags: hiring, microsoft, developer evangelist, evangelist, microsoft evangelist, silicon valley, northern california, jobs


Live from NewTeeVee, umm, Live

I’m on stage getting ready to do some demos here at GigaOm’s NewTeeVee Live. I’m told that Liz Gannes is furnishing a live stream of everything that’s happening here. Check it, yo. Update : Chris Albrecht’s got a great review of Dan’l’s talk from today : Here are some pictures before the event last…