Live from ASTIA : Confessions of an Enron Exec

I'm sitting in on Lynn Brewer's talk @ ASTIA's Annual Venture Conference here at Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus. Lynn was at Enron and is said to have been one of the earliest whistleblowers. Her book, "Confessions of an Enron Executive: A Whistleblower's Story", seems to have gotten mixed reviews.

We just spent around 10 minutes watching clips from "Vertical Limit". Everyone's kinda looking at each other going, "did we just watch... was that... seriously..." I think Lynn's trying to make this a very personal presentation, but, is also somehow trying to appeal to this audience that really wants to hear about her perspective on ethics and how it relates to emerging businesses and ventures. She has made a few references to children and offspring, but, I really don't see how it relates to what she is probably supposed to be talking about. Or maybe it isn't. I don't know.

Clearly, the USA today report by Greg Farrell, "The Enron whistle-blower who wasn't", is on top of mind for her. She brought that up a few times.

Oh well... interesting nevertheless. Has anyone read her book?


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  1. Jon Sagara says:

    So that’s where you were, playing hooky from Sacramento today.  😉

    Mr. Bagby did a fine job in your place.

    Enjoy your weekend,


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