ZendCon Day 2 – Joel Spolsky on celebrities, no, on the Zune, no wait, on helplessness, no, wait…

The mostly highly anticipated session at ZendCon : I'm sitting in on Joel Spolsky's session on "Great Software".


I have no idea where Joel's going with this yet, but I think Joel just put Uma Thurman and the brown Zune in to the same category - "off brand".


He has only taken 570537457547 shots at the big gorilla, but it's just too funny. He walks us through a "typical day" in Windows land. But the bottom-line is that the computer tells us what it wants to do, and how it wants to do it, and how we should deal with it. All totally accurate.


And now he's going on to talk about aesthetics and is comparing the Samsung Blackjack and the iPhone.


I think he just called Jobs the King of France.

There isn't really a point to this post, yet. That's probably because I'm not sure what this talk is about yet. I'm sure there's a punch line...  More later.


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