ok, seriously…

I've moved, like, 80 times since we broke up. And I'm still carrying gifts I got from her around with me.

It wasn't too long ago that I was conscientious... Now, I'm just annoyed. I'm looking at this brilliant painting that she made me (she is very talented). I just don't know what to do with it. I don't wanna hang on to it, because I feel in some way it's going to contribute to my bad chi. I definitely do not want to hang it up, because, you know she's talented and all, but the painting is not something I would hang up. And obviously, it'd be awkward for me to return it to her now, especially considering we don't talk to each other (and considering her husband is 6'5" 230lbs and can do a 40 in 4.4).

I threw a whole bunch of stuff away yesterday. The gifts have actually made their way to the trunk of my car. I even drove to a place where I thought I could give those away, but I couldn't do it - I just felt so bad.

So, seriously, what do I do? What would you do? Seriously, what the hell do you do with your ex's stuff? I need answers now.



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  1. Greg says:

    Put it in a box, and give it to a friend to hang on to for you.  Its a good way to get rid of it, without feeling too bad.

  2. ai says:


    > Put it in a box, and give it to a friend to

    > hang on to for you.

    Ok, I’m coming over with a box of stuff.

    No, but seriously, I dont think I want my friends infected with the bad chi though. I dunno. bah!

  3. anony-mouse says:

    Ah yea, been through that. My house is still littered with wedding gifts. My initial thought was to give them to the people that originally gave them, but all of them told me not to be so stupid.

    So the practical things I kept (which didn’t stop me being upset when one of the things she bought for me broke and I had to replace it).

    The rest, books, decorative stuff, etc. went to goodwill. Eventually. It took a couple of trips before I could drop it off. And I viewed it not as throwing away, but giving it to someone else to use. The wedding album is with a friend for "safekeeping" (i.e. I can’t throw this away, so hide it from me please).

    (I have kept hold of one precious thing we shared though, because I can’t stand the thought of someone else not looking after it well)

  4. Merrion says:

    Isn’t this what ebay is for – sell it and donate the money to a charity or licensed vintner of your choosing.

  5. M says:

    I’ve been in the same boat.  My advice is to not throw away any art that has been given you.  Instead, give it away to a stranger from Craigslist.  Post a picture of it and someone will no doubt want it.

    If you give it to a friend, you won’t really be moving on.  I wouldn’t do that.

    Good luck, and hang in there.

  6. ai says:


    Goodwill it is. I think we have a winner.


  7. ai says:


    > Isn’t this what ebay is for

    Sounds like way too much work 😐


  8. ai says:


    > Instead, give it away to a stranger from

    > Craigslist.  Post a picture of it and someone

    > will no doubt want it.

    I was thinking about that… Craigslist sounds like too much work. I’d have to synchronize with whoever wants to get it from me and blah and blah.

    Goodwill is sounding really good right now.


  9. Ronin says:

    give it to charity. They will like it and can generally find a use for it.

  10. R says:

    You might have to drive to the goodwill center a few times before you can actually donat it but eventually you will be ready to let go of all those gifts and feelings and finally move on.

  11. ai says:

    @Ronin, @R,

    Goodwill, here I come.


  12. @unohoo says:

    Its about time AI .. let them go to their new home GW. I bet she has already dropped your stuff at GW. I know it hurts , but that way it is sometimes.

    Good Luck…closing that chapter of past!

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