SilverlightDevCampSF – Day 1

We kicked off SilverlightDevCampSF this evening. I have one word - wow! Maybe its because I'm used to always standing in front of an audience and talking to them. Maybe its because I've never gotten so many questions about a Microsoft technology (Silverlight), that I personally didn't answer (or try to answer) myself. Maybe its because for the first time I saw more people jumping in and answering questions and fielding stuff like never before. Maybe I was surprised to see a few RIA/Silverlight enthusiasts drive up from SoCal and drive down from Chico. It was a true BarCamp-like event. Everyone got involved, everyone opened up, everyone jumped in. Amazing.


Kurt and Kevin kicked things off.

DSCN1274  DSCN1273

Adam Kinney did a brief "here's what Silverlight is" talk.


Sessions got proposed and went up.


Quite a few "I'd really like to know about X, but can't lead a session on it" went up on the whiteboard. CJ Little has taken the effort to translate the contents of the session grid to the wiki - looks fantastic, doesn't it?

Tomorrow should be an exciting day. Lots to cover and interesting things to discuss (and not to forget, quite a bit of beer to go through as well).

I couldn't end without posting this picture :


Yeah, those are our organizers. 😐


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  1. Thomas says:

    Is this the event you were trying to host at Microsoft – if so it looks like you were successful.

    It looks like it is going very well. Kudos to you for getting this going.

  2. ai says:


    Yep – I wasn’t successful with our staff, decided to do things "my way" anyway. The event was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot. I’m sure the next one will be just as good if not better.

    Thanks for your note! 🙂


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