Live from SilverlightDevCampSF – afternoon 2

4 RedBulls and 3 Pizza Orgasmica slices later...

We're a few sessions in.  My favorite one so far has been the "Silverlight vs Flash (vs JavaFX)" session that Abdel (from Chico State) and Randy Fong ran (session info). Ryan Stewart and John Dowdell from Adobe were also here, and between the three of us, we had a really good time addressing a lot of these questions. Which leads me to my question - Adobe wanted to ensure that they addressed any questions or concerns about Flash/Flex/Apollo (AIR) etc. that came up during the event. As an evangelist, I love to see that kind of participation. It's the same reason that I went to ApolloCamp and continue to attend all these events here in the valley. But where is Sun (although only 4 people in the room had heard of JavaFX)?

Session updates

Quite a few of the attendees, including Kenny Spade and Adam Kinney, have been really diligent about updating the wiki and sharing their notes - check out the sessions page and follow the links for each of the sessions for more info.

Cal Schrotenboer's Blend 101 session had to be trimmed, unfortunately. We were having a horrible time with the projectors, one of them seems to have given, unfortunately. Cal will be doing his session again later this afternoon.

Up right now is Alan Dobb, speaking on Silverlight debugging. This is quite an interesting session.

Jeff Atwood just got here (fashionably late - classic Jeff 😉 He'll be speaking pretty soon here.

Tyler Ballance is here as well - we hope to get a good discussion going on Moonlight later today. I need to catch up with Tyler to see how I can help 'alleviate some of the pain' he's feeling (from his tweets) :

sldcsf tyler ballance tweets


Someone just pointed out an anomaly to me - we have more beer than we have water. Actually, we have no water at all. I'm trying to understand how that's a bad thing.

We are also having just horrible intermittent network connectivity issues. I don't think I've ever been to BarCamp where wireless has been great... anytime there's a large congregation of people, wireless tends to get difficult. I ran out and got us another router, but that doesn't seem to have helped 🙁

Thinking ahead...

One of the things I'm going to fix for the next SilverlightDevCamp is to have bits of Silverlight, the necessary tools etc. all packaged on a DVD, ready to hand out to attendees. Seriously. Its amazing how many have complained to me about installing all the necessary bits, dependencies and all that jazz. I wish I'd thought of that earlier. I'm going to pitch this to Dave Bost and Frank La Vigne for SilverlightDevCampChicago and SilverlightDevCampDC (respectively).

I think the next SLDC is going to be a SL app-fest. Come to SLDC, get (free) copies of the software, and hack away. Best app wins.


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  1. Kenny Spade says:

    I think that sounds like a great idea for the next SLDC. Maybe the same kind of time frame, but have the first night be an installfest, then the next day be a hack-a-thon where you can start working on your app and get help when you need it. I just wish I didn’t live so far away that I always have to leave early to make it home before I collapse from exhaustion.

  2. ai says:


    Yep. But I’m sure the copy of Vista Ultimate made your trip down here worth it, right? 😉 That’s incentive enough to get you to keep coming back.


  3. Don Burnett says:

    Why exactly are Adobe Evangelists showing up at Silverlight events? Were they getting paid to show up? Why are they being given time to talk/promote AIR?

    Seems to me this is more marketing strategy than anything. I doubt we’ll see a Silverlight session at Adobe MAX.. I hope the organizers of the devcamp think about that one..

  4. ai says:


    As evangelists, we try to cover all dev related events. I’ve shown up at my fair share of non-MS related dev events here in the valley, and will continue to do so. I’m sure Ryan and JD had the same idea in mind – to see whats up.

    And, they didn’t run a session – in classic BarCamp style, Randy Fong and Abdel suggested that a session comparing the 2 technologies be run. Adobe was there to ensure that any and all questions about Flash/Flex get answered.



  5. John Dowdell says:

    <em>"Why exactly are Adobe Evangelists showing up at Silverlight events? Were they getting paid to show up? Why are they being given time to talk/promote AIR?"</em>

    Well, I get paid salary. The event was near where I live, and my work that morning could be shifted around to accommodate the event.

    Most articles about Silverlight do mention Adobe Flash Player, so it seems natural to have an interest.

    I don’t think there was any "promotion" of AIR… more like "JavaFX is a new way to construct Java applets, Silverlight is a browser plugin, and AIR is a way to construct native applications for various OS using Ajax or Flash".

    Are you implying that you don’t think any staffers should attend the Adobe MAX event…?  😉


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