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A few weeks back, I'd read this news article where Matt Damon talks about Bond. There is no doubt in my mind that Bourne is the deadliest and most lethal of all the spies. Ever. I've read the books by Ludlum (in fact, they're the only books I've read, I think), and I understand Bourne. When I first read the Bourne Identity, I thought Ludlum had named the character Jason Bourne so that the initials would match with James Bond's. But the reality is, these two characters couldn't be any more different. Bourne will kill Bond before Bond can even think of whipping out a euphemism.

So I decided to draw out a comparison chart. GD thought that Batman should be compared as well, because Batman is not a superhero, per se - he doesn't have any supernatural talents.







Supernatural superpowers No No (unless you count womanizing) No No None
Weapons No (unless stolen) Yes Mostly yes Yes Bond
Wheels Umm, no(unless stolen) Yes Maybe Yes - duh, the Batmobile Tie : Bond & Batman
Age Unknown Always in his mid-40s mid-30s Always in his mid-30s None
Works Alone Yes Yes Maybe Yes & No (Robin) Bourne
Works for someone No Yes Yes No Bond
Inspiration Yes (revenge) No (Gov't initiatives) No Yes (avenge) Batman
Money No Yes Maybe Yes Bond
Gadgets No Yes Yes Yes Bond
Chicks No Yes Yes Yes Bond
Escapability         Bourne
International Abilities Yes Yes No (none that I know of) No Tie : Bourne & Bond
World Saver No Yes Yes No (mostly just Gotham) Bond
Regular fist fight with anyone (no weapons)         Bourne
Crazy Villains No (unless you count the CIA) Yes Yes Yes Batman
Attire No Yes Maybe Yes (Bruce Wayne & Batman) Bond
Smarts Yes Umm, yes, I guess Maybe Yes Bourne

Clearly, according to this table, Bond wins overall, which I guess makes him a more "well-rounded" character. But Bourne could kill you with his thumb.

Who is your favorite and why?

PS: You're wrong, GD.

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  1. Ralph in Chicago says:

    If you have Batman on this list you might as well add the obvious … CHUCK NORRIS and JACK BAUER (24) 😉

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