(marketing) nirvana – thank you, Mario


I know this is long, long overdue, but thank you for this (Is Community Evangelism the job of the future? (Updated)) . I'm truly honored to have made the cut. I probably haven't said this enough, but I really find your blog to be really informational. You take tremendous effort to articulate your thoughts about technology, marketing and evangelism, and I really enjoy reading your articles.

YOU, my friend, should be high up on that list.


PS: Watch out, Mario - it's no secret how I treat people I like.

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  1. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks, man! I really appreciate it. I’ve gotta tell you; I’m amazed at your energy and initiative  (I mean the gNote stuff et al.)

    Plus, you’re the coolest evangelist to party with, besides my bud Damon, who’s now married! So, when’s the next party, bro?

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