Open Source at Microsoft

At OSCON this week, we will be unveiling the covers on a new website - Open Source at Microsoft. The website's focus is to highlight our commitment to OSS and partnership with the OSS community.

After the (what was supposed to be mini) project Jeff Atwood and I launched on spurring further open source development on .NET, this is a more direct affirmation and commitment from Redmond about our overall plans to continue and grow this fantastic partnership.

Personally, I'm very excited. I'm a big fan of OSS projects, and I hope this initiative will help our ISVs, individual contributors and OSS enthusiasts help debunk the myth that "OSS on .NET is an oxymoron" (thanks, Phil :))

You already maybe aware of some of our other sites around the OSS initiative :

Some open source savvy folks (or entities) whose blogs I read :

So, subscribe to the new site's feed and stay up-to-date.

I have a question for you - what would you like to see on this new site? If you could contribute to it (the site), what would you do?


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  1. Viva transparency, openness! Today we are announcing that release of source code for the .NET 3.5 Framework

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