Beware – Lunch 2.0 can cause power outages

For the first time during my time here at the MS SF offices, we had several multiple power outages this afternoon. All during the time we were hosting Lunch 2.0. Hilarious!

Anyhow, I wanted to thank those of you who made it out here. Hope you enjoyed the food, and learned a little bit about Evangelism and what MS does here in the valley.

Special thanks again to Terry Chay and Mark Jen (dunno where Mark's new blog is at) for helping put this together.

Your friendly MS-neighborhood,


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  1. Josh Maher says:

    hmm, I was going to suggest you get your Redmond counterparts to hook up with the Seattle Lunch 2.0 crowd…. but I’m not sure I want to jinx it 🙂

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    see dude, it’s like you’re in india already.. you’re so ready to move out here!

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