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It's no secret that I'm an event whore (wouldn't be a great event site? Anyhow, I digress) I often get asked how people can keep track of what events are happening in Northern California. Not just Microsoft events, but others as well, like BarCamp, for example). The easiest way, is to add me as your friend on two of the best event-based social networks out there today - Upcoming and Socializr (I've only been using Socializr for a few weeks now).

Rest assured, if I'm doing or attending any events, I'll be sure to post it to these sites.

PS: I'll be doing Lunch 2.0 @ Socializr next week.

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  1. Kenny Spade says:

    I’ve been enjoying Upcoming since I joined a few days back. I took a look inside the feed, and found out that they support GeoRSS, which gives a Lat and Long for each event, so I opened up Popfly and modified the RSS block to support it, then attached the Virtual Earth block, giving me an events map. Of course, after spending the time it took to mash that up, I read that Google Maps has built-in support for GeoRSS, so you just have to drop in a feed. Not sure why your feed doesn’t work on it, probably some malformed RSS, but here’s mine:

  2. ai says:


    Yeah, the RSS feed from upcoming is malformed. Joshua Allen ( helped confirm that the XML in the RSS feed is in fact malformed :

    That’s why clicking on my RSS feed in IE7 doesn’t quite work.


  3. Andy Baio says:

    We just heard from someone else yesterday that there were unescaped ampersands in a few feeds, so we fixed this yesterday.  Your Google Maps link works now.  Next time you notice a bug, feel free to drop me a line.

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