transformers – thank you

Thank you, Michael Bay, for Transformers.


Thanks for bringing back all those amazing childhood memories. The movie didn't really resemble the cartoons, but I could care less. 

Thanks for reminding me that I have the bladder of a 4 month old chipmunk, but when it comes to matters of grave importance (like watching this movie), I can hold it for two  two and a half hours.

Thanks for the goose bumps I had for ALL 2.5 hours during the movie. My limbs are now totally numb. I slithered home.

Thanks for a movie that I finally walked out of saying, I'm going to be back soon to watch this one again. And again.

Thanks for giving me a reason to update all my social networking profiles with my new favorite movie.

Thanks for making me think about wanting to blog about the best movie I've ever watched, while I was watching the movie. Ever. Ok, maybe this one's right up there with Eternal Sunshine. Maybe not.

Thanks for giving me a reason to want to buy a new car. A Chevy, maybe (I can't believe I just said that)

Thanks for a LOUD movie. This movie is loud. When I go to a theater to watch a movie, I want it to be loud.

Thanks for giving me reasons to cheer during a movie. I haven't done that since, ummm, ok, I've never cheered. But when Optimus Prime said his own name, for the first time, in the movie, I couldn't help myself. I don't know what came over me, I just screamed like a 13 year old boy watching the transformers. It just happened. And everyone cheered with me.

Thanks for NOT doing a Transformers 2 (I'm hoping you wont). I want to cherish this one forever.

Thanks for giving me (and 6 billion other humans) ideas on what to dress up as for Halloween this year.

Thanks for a movie that had non-stop action the entire time. The ENTIRE time.

Thanks for a movie that may actually contend with the Godfather for the #1 spot on IMDB.

Thanks for something that is finally going to overshadow the iPhone launch hype.

Thanks for the best 4th of July. Ever.

Thank you, Michael Bay, for Transformers.


PS : Why do autobots (and decepticons) blink (their eyes)?
PPS: aK is bull-running in Pamplona this weekend. I've asked him to watch the movie BEFORE he runs, 'cause its only ok to die after you've watched the movie.

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  1. Brody says:

    Transformers two is on the way, along with three.

  2. So tell me . . . did you like the movie? (^_^)

    Thanks for geek review — I truly value your opinion over the old geezer’s on TV that didn’t even watch the show as a kid.

    OK, back to the technical blogging!

    Blake Handler

    Microsoft MVP

  3. ai says:


    > Transformers two is on the way, along with

    > three.

    Yeah, I saw that on IMDB. I don’t know if it’d keep up with 1. This was just too good. I hope it doesn’t become Matrix-esque.


  4. ai says:


    Yeah, it was some movie. I think I dreamt of Optimus last night. I feel safe now, you know…

    ai 😉

  5. KidG says:

    I agree completely with your assessment.  Thanks for putting it much more eloquently than I could have!

  6. GlenGordon says:

    Your movie prices are up to $10.50??? What is the world coming to???

  7. Matthew says:

    >>The movie didn’t really resemble the cartoons, but I could care less.


    I don’t care -> I couldN’T care less. Couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t.

  8. ai says:


    Yep… $10.50. How much does a movie ticket cost in ATL?


  9. ai says:


    I actually did mean to say that I could care less. As in, I care just a tad now, but I could care lesser.

    I just can’t admit that I made that error is all.

    ai 🙂

  10. Su says:

    Wow. I have to see this movie now.

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