iPhoneDevCamp and the Adobe NDA

I'm signed up to attend iPhoneDevCamp this weekend. But I noticed that Adobe wants every attendee to sign an NDA. From the barcamp site :

"Please be advised that all visitors to Adobe are asked to sign the following, on site, either electronically or on paper. This agreement is in place to protect attendees in case they are exposed to any confidential information from Adobe. We do not anticipate that attendees will be exposed to Adobe Confidential information, but the NDA is required for admittance, and only applies to Adobe Proprietary Information."

I'm fairly certain that its unlikely that I can sign the Adobe NDA (and attend BarCamp). You know, because. But isn't that a little weird, that I'd have to sign an NDA to attend BarCamp? Sounds very un-camp-like to me. We did a BarCamp at our offices last year, but we didn't have anyone sign an NDA.

I've been to the Adobe office in SF before, don't remember signing an NDA just to get in to the building.

Ugh. I wanna go! And I wanna see some iPhones!

UPDATE 7/5/07 - William and Robert both confirm (in the comments below) that Adobe has waived the NDA requirement. The BarCamp site has been updated. Awesomzorz! 🙂


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  1. Homeboy says:

    The whole NDA is making this sound very exciting… makes me wonder what the big fuss is all about, or if the lawyers are just being ridiculous.

  2. whurley says:

    Hey Anand,

    We’ve just received news that Adobe has waived the NDA for iPhoneDevCamp. Attendees WILL NOT HAVE TO SIGN AN NDA.

    We’ve just updated the website and would appreciate it if you could help spread the word ☺

    See you at iPhoneDevCamp,

    whurley *

  3. They just announced that no NDA will be required.

    But, yes, you did sign one if you got a visitor badge at Adobe.

  4. ai says:


    awesome – see you over the weekend 🙂


  5. ai says:


    thank you sir! I’ll see you this weekend.


  6. Thomas says:

    Portland isn’t exactly an area that has a large number of events. We don’t get very many BarCamp type events.

    I am looking forward to the AIR Bus tour – there is actually a stop here in Portland, but no stop in the Bay. I am hoping this will be a good introduction to the AIR technologies.


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