82 emails, 40 some odd phone calls, and 15 rogue SMSs later

Since my call anytime post, I've received 82 emails. They have mostly been from entrepreneurs and startups. Some of the others have been from developers seeking help but not knowing where to go. And some others have been just "whats up" emails to see if I'd actually respond.

Since my call anytime post, I've received around 40 calls. Mostly from entrepreneurs and startups. Looking for how to work with us, or integrate, or get visibility, or get a better understanding of our platform, or get funding, or just to have a fresh pair of eyeballs look at their idea. That's been fun. But if (and when) I find the person who submitted my number to some freaking annoying telemarketing firm that calls me about wanting to enroll Gustavo into an online university, lookout son... But, the cake goes to a girl who called me from Malaysia seeking real relationship advice. I couldn't take her call (she called me at like 4.30am PDT on a weekend) and left me voicemail. She sounded disgruntled, and she didn't leave a callback number. I hope she's ok. I couldn't even make out what she way saying for the most part because the call was real choppy. I was also thrilled to get a call from someone in the 765 area code (area code where Purdue is). Turns out its a student from Purdue who is interning at Yahoo! here in the valley.

Since my call anytime post, I've received 15 SMSs and they keep coming. Someone submitted my number to a rogue service of some sort. It SMSs me with (mostly incorrect) weather information, fortune and advice about everything including sexual positions. I must say I'm not terribly thrilled about these, but I can't say that it wasn't intriguing researching "the helicopter" on the internet.

Since my meebome anytime post, I've spoken to around 12 random people online. That's it. I thought there'd be more, but I've realized that I'm not always planted in front of my computer, so I'm not always there to chat with people. Besides, I've noticed from my stats that there are a lot more people reading my posts using an RSS aggregator than through my actual website.

I've been a little overwhelmed. But I wasn't not ready for it. I'm actually enjoying it a lot. I haven't really been surprised by anything I've seen or heard just yet. I wanted to share with you the best ideas (for startups) I've heard so far, but I'm going to hold off on that for a bit longer.

Anyhow, keep it coming people - I'm here to help. I really am enjoying this. And thanks to Scoble, for linking back to me.

Your friendly MS-neighborhood,


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  1. AJ Arora says:

    I’m the 765er 🙂

    hope everything’s good, maybe I’ll see you at remix on friday

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