one thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t…

A few of us got in to a little something something about the PC v the Mac after my post about Apple's cheap shots. That was not my intention with that post - my intention was to highlight how Apple is trying to spread FUD by anti-campaigning. I was stating the obvious, mostly.

So after the last post, a friend of mine sent me a link. Before you read on, please know that, no one I know at Microsoft is involved with this site. I find this site to be hilarious, just like I find the Apple commercials to be hilarious. The content on that site is NOT reflective of my opinions. I just find the site to be funny.

Warning : there's some fairly graphic R-rated stuff on this site :


Comments (3)

  1. su says:

    Very smart link. I like the way he stresses on how Mac Users do not represent a social movement 🙂 Wonder what a certain well meaning friend of ours will say to this post ?

    Swing his tennis bat around a bit more 🙂

  2. A sad, sad case of "small dick syndrome".

    And that site must have been created on a PC – it’s ugly as shit.

  3. ai says:


    A sad, sad case of "small dick syndrome".

    So you’re saying that you know for a fact that the creator of that site has a small penis?

    And that site must have been created on a PC

    it’s ugly as shit.

    A website’s a website dude. I don’t think that website is meant to look pretty. And you’ve got to be kidding me if you think an OS has any part to play in the building of a website. I can’t believe I’m actually responding to your comment.


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