holy street views batman! google street views and streetviewr.com

So, for days, I've been chuckling about all the street views Google Street Views has to offer.

Finally, it occurred to me, why I haven't I checked out my place yet? And, guess what I saw. That's my Pepe. I honestly cannot remember the time it was that sunny around where I live, and there were NO other cars parked near mine. Unbelievable.


PS: How long did it take you to get to the bottom of this post?

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  1. Thomas says:

    <p>I wrote a humorous post about <a href="http://scissormonkey.wordpress.com/2007/05/31/google-maps-zoom-feature-renamed-to-address-privacy-concerns/&quot; target="_blank">Google renaming Google Map Street Views</a> to address privacy concerns and to compete with operating systems.</p>

    <p>People have been pretty concerned about privacy with these images being posted. We have this expectation of privacy even when we are in public that we are not entitled to – people have been upset to find that their pictures are posted of them outside doing everyday things.</p>

    <p>I think a big difference is that Google in their concern to get street level images as accurate as possible did not realize the public reaction to images being uploaded containing people.</p>

    <p>Microsoft street level imaging, which is still in technical preview is going slower to ensure there is a proper system for removing any identifiable images such as faces and license plates from the images.</p>

    Sorry for the long post, these are both topics I have been writing about lately.

  2. PeteK says:

    ai, what thong? where? the picture is blacked out. did they get rid of it?

  3. Thomas says:

    Note to self – quit using HTML when commenting on Anand’s blog.

    Link that works for the Google Street Views being renamed post –


    Sorry for the confusion, and the bad html post.

  4. Looks like the thong is not there anymore.

  5. ai says:

    @PeteK, Peter,

    You’re right – that image seems to have been deleted. But here’s a snapshot of what was originally there  : http://www.gstreetsightings.com/girls/thong-girl-on-google-street-view-sightings/


    ai 🙂

  6. I run http://www.gstreetsightings.com…. yes it seems that google is frantically taking a lot of these pictures down. That is why I’m not just linking but taking the pictures to have. I’m doing it on my own so it takes some time, never mind all the SEO for it.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll shoot ya one back Peter!

  7. Candy Bouquets says:

    Streetviewr is very interesting. I wont be surprised when someone gets caught nude in their window and decides its time to sue google. Or media making a big deal out of it like Myspace and pedophiles.

  8. dugg says:

    http://streetspottings.com is similar to streetviewr but the the interactive view is available there without having to go to maps.google.com

    (it’s a lot quicker, not just because you don’t have to go to google but i guess it loads less javascript than google)

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