Maestro and NuTsie : better ways to access YOUR music from anywhere

Maestro : On-Demand access to your music at home from anywhere.

"Maestro lets you stream music from your computer across the web, for easy listening anywhere. This is a lot like what music locker services Oboe, MediaMaster, and Orb are doing with a social networking twist. Not only can you stream music from your own computer using Maestro, but you can also stream music from your friends on the network (Oboe lets you share channels with friends, but through email links). They plan on expanding to other types of media in the future.", from TechCrunch.

Maestro's working on an invite-only basis at this time, so... tough.

NuTsie : Listen to your iTunes on your mobile phone.

"Here's a way to listen to your iTunes library on cellphones other than the iPhone: NuTsie, a beta application that just launched today, holds a huge library of music, and any songs you have in your iTunes library can be listened to on your cellphone. Notice that name, NuTsie? Cute. It's an anagram of iTunes.", from Gizmodo.

I'm really excited about NuTsie, because it works around the whole iTunes DRM issue. What NuTsie has you do is simply upload your playlist, not your songs. So, I uploaded my library to NuTsie, and I tried installing NuTsie on my Samsung Blackjack, and I got this error message : "Installation failed, errno=910 Application authorization failure". Bah! I'd love to hear your experience if you got it to work.


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  1. Rob Greenlee says:

    Thanks for the great mention about nuTsie. We are planning to support all the major smartphone platforms and that includes Windows Mobile. The Samsung BlackJack is at the top of our list for support.

    I also wanted to mention that we also give users access to their iTunes playlist on the web as a personalized internet radio stream.

    Check it out at:

    Just click on a playlist in the right column to start listening to great music.

  2. ai says:


    The Samsung BlackJack is at the top of our list

    for support.

    That’s great to know. I’m guessing there isn’t a timeframe yet. Because I would so love to use this feature. And I know of a few friends who’d totally dig this as well.

    thanks, and keep us posted,


  3. Theo says:

    I have a samsung blackjack as well, and i would love to be able to use nuTsie. Is there anyway to use it through the phone yet?

  4. ai says:


    Apparently there isn’t a way to use it on your blackjack yet (see Rob’s comment above). We need to stay tuned…


  5. musana says:

    Hope you will soon hear from then. With a European perspective, we’ll try to give you music access and happiness everywhere, starting from summer.

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